The Green Earth Appeal

The Green Earth Appeal is a program of the UNEP (United Nations Environment Program), nonprofit, which through the planting of trees provides a sustainable source of food, employment and education to the poorest communities of the world. The program works through a network of NGOs (nongovernmental organizations) and charities that operate in 16 of the most needed and poorest countries. Currently, The Green Earth Appeal, works with over 180 restaurants in the UK who want to offset the carbon footprint generated by their daily activity, through contributions to the project. Because of these great benefits and contributions they have made, The Green Earth Appeal has receive various international awards.

Sonne Energeticos in their quest to offset the carbon footprint generated by carrying out the process of oil collecctioin,  joins this organization to support the "Food For Thought" program, three times winner of the "Green Apple Award" and supported from the highest levels of the UNEP. Furthermore helping the environment by joining this program, Sonne Energeticos invites their customers to join them in this program to compensate the C02 emited in their production process.

Sonne offers its customers the opportunity to plant a tree donating only 15 pesos from the  payment of the UCO collected from them, donation that is matched by Sonne to plant a second tree, thus achieving the communities in need receive double the benefits, while offsetting the carbon footprint, creating in this way a cycle really integral and sustainable.

Currently there are many needy communities living only by samples of charity. The Green Earth Appeal program aims to give these communities education, resources and food supplies with more than 50,000 fruit trees, as these will provide them with enough food for them  and their animals, besides being able to sell the surplus to promote their economy. This will allow these people to improve their self esteem and their lifestyle, by making them independent from others.

At the same time, these trees can be used to provide different materials for the manufacture of various items like soap and medicines, which are also very important for the development of a sustainable community and thus completely eliminate the need for long-term aid. All this leaves the evidence of the great benefits that this program has, that as well as reducing the carbon footprint, it also manages to bring up the communities in need.

Other reasons that may encourage you to join Sonne Energeticos to support the Food For Thought program is that The Green Earth Appeal gives you the opportunity to receive an award for social responsibility. As part of Food For Thought programm, your business can be nominated for The Green Apple  Award. To date all companies nominated by The Green Earth Appeal has won and presented with this environmental award in the House of Parliament in London, England.

Otros motivos que los puede incentivar a unirse a  Sonne Energéticos para apoyar el programa Food For Thought es que  The Green Earth Appeal les da la oportunidad de poder recibir un premio de responsabilidad social. Al  ser parte de Food For Thought su negocio puede ser nominado para recibir el galardón The Green Apple Award. Hasta la fecha todas las empresas nominadas por The Green Earth Appeal han sido ganadoras y premiadas con este galardon  medio ambiental en la casa  del Parlamento en Londres, Inglaterra.


In order to verify that your donations are being used for the agreed planted trees and that the agroforestry education in the communities is taking place,The Green Earth Appeal provides a certificate with the total of trees planted, aswell as a legal document  writen by  a lawyer of The Earth Appeal, whereby it validates that the 100 %  of  your money is being given to help this this communities in need.

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