What to look for in a oil collection service company

The 5 most important things to look for in a Used Cooking Oil collection service company are:

1.- The company has all the necessary permits from the SPMARN for the collection, transport and reprocessing of this material.

  • Sonne Energeticos has all the necessary permits in each of the states where the services are provided.


2.- New and clean containers that meet the needs of my business.

  • Sonne Energeticos has different types of containers in order to suit the costumers’ needs


3.- Qualified Personnel

  • Our drivers and supervisors have the necessary training to carry out the collection service, in addition to t-shirts, badges and official receipts of Sonne Energeticos so our clients can clearly identify them when the collection takes place. At all times, our drivers and supervisors should offer a friendly service.


4.- Reliable collection program

  • We will put your business in our weekly, biweekly or monthly collection program depending on the needs of your business.


5.- Responsible Customer service

  • In Sonne Energeticos we receive all your calls within our working hours (Monday-Friday from 8-18 hr.) and we will attend to all your problems as soon as possible. We welcome all your calls and feedback comments.
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