Why choose Sonne Energeticos?


¿Why choose Sonne Energeticos?

1) Programmed collection schedules according to your needs

  • The oil collection is scheduled weekly, biweekly and monthly depending on the customer requirements. Also, in case required, you can program an earlier collection by telephone.

2) Collection Service Network

  • Our collection service network is the most extensive and with the highest quality within the country, currently offering our service in ten states of Mexico.

3) Permissions

  • Sonne Energeticos has all the necessary permits for the collection; transportation and reprocessing of grease waste and used cooking oil in each state where the service is provided. Because of this you can rest assured that all your collected waste is being recycled and reutilized by a 100 % serious and reliable company.

4) Quality of service

  • The quality of service is the foundation of our business; therefore Sonne Energeticos offers the highest quality service in the market and this is why we seek the continuous improvement of our service.

5) Different types of containers

  • We have several types of containers in order to offer a personalized service that meets the needs of our clients.

6)  Service Reports

  • We provide our clients monthly reports that show how much vegetable oil has been collected; this way they can keep track of their business’ behavior.
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