Environmental Commitment

Nowadays we live in a world in which - little by little- all of our natural resources have been disappearing throughout the years, derived from the fast-paced lifestyle that our society has have. This has forced us to change our way of doing things in order to face the future in a more responsible and sustainable.

Because of this, in Sonne Energeticos we seek a sustainable solution to fats and oils waste, thereby complying with its social and ecological responsibility, by taking care and helping preserve Mexico’s and the World’s ecosystems.

Sonne Energeticos guarantees his clients:

  • An integral solution through a professional, quality and environmentally safe collection, transportation, reprocessing and reuse of their used fats and oils.
  • Full compliance with the environmental legislation needed for the collection and reprocessing of this waste.
  • No generation of environmental liabilities
  • Honesty and transparency in the amounts of their waste collected and the responsible and sustainable provision of these.
  • High quality products.


Our commitment is summarized in:

  • Collection, transport and treatment of your waste, in an efficient way
  • Total recycle and reuse of your waste for the generation of high quality products
  • Safe practice for health and the environment
  • Reduction of the problem of disposing this material in Mexico

Sonne Energéticos S.A. de C.V.



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